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It seems like forever ago that I was hopping on a plane for Sweden for the first races of the season, yet it's crazy to think that the 2017/2018 Biathlon season is over. Even though winter has seemed to continued to linger in the Midwest the past few weeks, I escaped to the west coast after the conclusion of US Nationals for a good 'ol fashion road trip. The beginning of the trip had me travel to Southern California to visit my old team mate(s) living in the Los Angeles area before heading north to our final destination of Bend, Oregon. I am now back home in Appleton for a couple weeks before I fly back to Bend for a spring training camp, but more importantly to race the Pole Pedal Paddle. I'm not gonna pretend that I think people actually read my blog because I know people just wanna see pictures, so in this post I'm gonna give the people what they want. Below you will find a bunch of pictures from my road trip the past couple weeks from Utah to California, then up the coast to Oregon.

Gotta stay limber and sharp, maximized with stretching and dry fire.

After the season was over in Utah, it was time to hang up the skinny skis and hit the alpine slopes!

Just a quick night in the Mojave Desert before making it to the Los Angeles area.

Just living So Cal style with Aaron Gwin at the motocross track.

After a few days in the big city, it was time to head north to Sequoia National Forest with some friends in the mountains.

A wild Paul Schommer spotted in his natural habitat.

What else would you bring a hatchet camping for?

Jillian nailing the hatchet throw

The trees were big.

Just hanging out inside a tree

There was a new sport invented on our hike at the Trail of 100 Giants called Hug-loggin. Essentially you find two large logs that are parallel to each other and find a smaller log that bridges the gap. Then you have someone hug the log and hold on tight as they spin 'round-n-'round.

It was decided that no GPS be used for our trip, only a map. We still got everywhere we needed to be.

Perfect night for a sunset dinner just of HWY 1

About to hit warp speed on a run through the Redwoods (not really)

Trying our best to fit in among the Giants.

Refueling after our run with some tasty IN-N-OUT burgers.

Many times people have doubted my Jetta Wilbur's ability, but he has hung strong from sea to shining sea.

Feeling small among the Redwoods.

From rain forest to desert, we spent a day climbing at Smith Rock.

After a long trip, it was time to take a quick nap on the flight home.

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