Financial Support

Chasing an Olympic dream is not a hobby, it is a life comittment. Due to the extreme training demands of biathlon, I am unable to work to completely support myself financially. If you feel led to help support me in my pursuit of the Olympics, there are a variety of ways you can help!

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Stand Out in the Crowd

Biathlon is the most watched winter sport in Central Europe. Every year, over 900 million people tune in from around the world to watch this exciting sport. Through a working partnership with me, your business can get unique brand exposure that can help reach new consumers from around the globe. 

Gold Sponsorship- $5000+

Gold Sponsorship is top tier and will allow you to advertise on the most visible part(s) of my rifle. This will garner more visibility  with potential customers. You logo will also be featured on my website as well as a large logo on custom travel shirt. 

Silver Sponsorship- $2000

Silver Sponsorship will have your logo featured on my rifle's harness as well as on my website. It also will allow for a small logo on travel attire.  

Bronze Sponsorship- $1000

A Bronze Sponsorship will allow you to display logo on website as well as small logo on travel shirt. 

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Personal Donation

If you feel led to donate through a personal donation, you can make a tax deductible donation through the US Biathlon Association (USBA). All you have to do is: 

1. Write a check made out to US Biathlon 

2. Write my name, Paul Schommer, in the memo

2. Mail your check to 49 Pineland Drive Suite 301A New Glouchester, ME 04260

Once USBA receives the check, they will process it and allow me to cover biathlon expenses with your donation.  

Photo Credit: Nordic Focus